Contributor since Fall 2017

Peter N. McGinn

MS Student in Neuroscience and Behavior

Peter N. McGinn

Research Area: Probiotics as a non-pharmacological solution towards reducing self-injurious behaviors in Rhesus Macaque monkeys

Hello! My name is Peter and I am fortunate to be a blog writer/editor in my first year with the TLS blog. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in neuroscience and behavior but my passions lie in veterinary medicine and education! My long term goal is to be a large animal veterinarian educating the next generation of veterinary students. I hope to also work with international nonprofit organizations in rural countries improving lives through animal medicine and agricultural planning. My favorite food is sushi, I love the color green, and I have a deep love of the bovine species! My philosophies in life are to “do no harm” and “to leave this world better than i found it”.Thank you for reading this blog!