Contributor since Fall 2016

Luisa Galindo

PhD Candidate in Environmental Conservation

Luisa Galindo

Research Area: Social-ecological systems in watersheds

I am a PhD candidate at ECo and I work with Dr. Timothy Randhir. I am interested in understanding how watershed systems and human communities interact. Specifically I study the impacts that natural resources use have on the provision of water-related ecosystem services, and how these uses vary across different institutions; such as federal agencies, NGOs, and community-based organizations. I explore the nexus between these institutions and the conservation of essential biophysical attributes in watersheds at multiple scales. My work towards the promotion of science dates back to 2010 when I joined academics in my home country, Colombia, for a campaign to defend the teaching of Evolution at the school level. I believe that science communication is fundamental for the progress of both science and society. Because of that, I joined the great That’s Life [Science] team at UMass. Right now I am a guest writer and I am looking forward to be a more active contributor to this important initiative.